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 What is The Guide to Community Preventive Services?


The Guide to Community Preventive Services (Community Guide) is a collection of all the evidence-based findings and recommendations of The Community Preventive Services Task Force (Task Force) .The Community Guide is a free resource designed to help local health departments make decisions by providing information on the following:

 • Community preventive services, programs, and policies that have been shown to work;
 • How these programs, services, and policies may fit the needs of a community; and
 • Estimated costs and potential return on investment.

The Task Force has issued evidence-based findings and recommendations for more than 210 population-based interventions covering 20 topic areas and settings designed to:

 • Promote healthy behaviors/reduce unhealthy behaviors
 • Reduce specific diseases, injuries, or impairments
 • Promote healthy behaviors in community settings 


 Who can use The Community Guide?

​• Boards of health
• City and county planners
• Clinicians
• Community health centers
• Research and program funders
• Educators and school administrators
• Employers and companies
• Health plans and systems
• Non-governmental organizations
• Policymakers and legislators
• Public health practitioners
• Researchers and evaluators
• Social service agencies and organizations
• State and local health departments

 What can be found in The Community Guide?


Evidence-based findings and recommendations on public health topics such as:  

​• Adolescent health • Mental health ​
• Alcohol​ • Motor Vehicle
• Asthma • Nutrition
•Birth defects • Obesity​
• Cancer • Oral health ​
• Diabetes •  Physical activity ​
• Cardiovascular disease • Social environment​
• Emergency preparedness •Tobacco
• Health communication • Vaccines
• Health equity • Violence
• HIV/AIDS, STIs, and pregnancy • Worksite health promotion

 Upcoming Events/ News

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